Working with businesses and organisations to provide bespoke support and training to promote a proactive culture towards mental health and well-being. 


More businesses are now recognising the importance of workplace health and well-being to proactively take care of the most important asset – the staff.


Investing in individual's well-being is inherently valuable by enhancing health, resilience, engagement and balance.


From a business perspective, it demonstrates a commitment and care to your employees which will boost morale and in turn support engagement and commitment, improve attendance, retention, productivity and performance.

Implementing a well-being strategy embeds a proactive culture to health and well-being, which enables employees to sustain or improve their physical, mental and emotional health, positively impacting on their lives in and out of work.


Bespoke In-house training and workshops ranging from:


    Raising awareness one-hour sessions

                   (rolling repeated workshops available to allow all employees to attend)


    Half-day / full-day training and workshops 


     On-going programme of support


Tailored to the needs and priorities of the organisation.


·       Mental Health Awareness

·       Workplace Well-Being

·       Stress Management 

·       Emotional Resilience 

·       Life Balance

·       Positive Workplace Culture

·       A Healthy Mindset

·       Preparing for Change 

·       Leadership Well-being / Mindful Leadership

·       Leaders and Managers Development: Creating the Culture 

·       Team Culture, Resilience and Development

·       Health

·       Sleep

·       Menopause

·       Mindfulness


Developing a holistic approach and ethos to Mental Health and Wellbeing in the organisation 


Specifically tailored to your business


·       Policy Development

·       Developing a Whole Organisation Strategy 

·       Wellness Packages

·       Leadership Development 

·       Team Culture:  Collaboration and Co-creation

·       Coaching

·       Confidence Building 

·       Tailored training 


Individual one-to-one therapies are also available for specific issues, 

including stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, raising confidence 

and self-esteem, public speaking and presenting

"People are a business’s greatest resource and most valuable asset,

 and well-being training is a real investment in your people and your business"

Sarah Wray


Using a consultative approach to gain an understanding of your challenges and priorities, a bespoke programme of support is created and delivered to benefit your business and ensure a return on your investment.  


Based on the skillset, experience and credibility of having worked and led in organisations for a number of years, Sarah delivers training and support with enthusiasm, energy and passion, which is personalised and interactive, with the aim of high engagement and thinking. 


Balancing practical activities, discussion and reflection times which enable participants to extend their understanding of their own well-being and empower them to build new and increased insights and perspectives, and gain practical tools and techniques.


Sarah is a true believer of active learning, to open dialogues, inform, encourage collaboration and co-creation of ideas to facilitate change, and nurture healthy cultures. 

Emphasis is always on making a sustainable and lasting difference.


Reduce sickness absence as staff are more empowered to look after their physical and mental health.

Improve retention as morale is boosted and staff feel appreciated and settled at work. This builds the company’s reputation as one that respects and cares for their staff.

Productivity and Performance increases as staff are more committed, engaged and positive, and know they are supported to work through any difficulties.

15.4 million workdays were lost in 2017-19 to stress, anxiety and depression according to HSE; Presenteeism increases year on year. The benefits of proactively investing in staff health and well-being definitely outweigh the costs.