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17 million work days were lost in 2021/22 to stress, anxiety and depression according to the Health and Safety Executive.

                  How many more days were lost to the physical illnesses that may been linked to mental illness?


Research shows our physical and mental health are interconnected and so when we don't look after our mental well-being, it can often impact on our physical health, manifesting into a physical illness. 

That's why we need to recognise the importance of looking after both our physical and mental health and prioritise workplace health and well-being to proactively take care of the most important asset – our staff team.


        - Investing in individual's well-being is inherently valuable by enhancing health, resilience, and balance

        - From a business perspective, it demonstrates a commitment and care to your staff team, which boosts morale 

        - When staff feel valued and appreciated, they are more engaged and committed, which improves productivity and

          performance, attendance and retention

        - Empowering staff to look after their physical and mental health, and knowing they are supported to work through any

          difficulties often encourages people to seek early intervention, helping to reduce sickness absence

        - The organisation's reputation builds as one that respects and cares for their staff 


        The benefits of proactively investing in staff health and well-being definitely outweighs the cost


Developing a Well-being Strategy and practices embeds a proactive culture to health and well-being, which enables employees to sustain or improve their physical, mental and emotional health, positively impacting on their lives in and out of work


  Support and training is always bespoke to the organisation / business and is developed by an initial consultative meeting / call to gain an understanding of your priorities, strengths and challenges

  Together we will identify your bespoke programme of support which may range from a half-day / full-day of support or training to an on-going programme of support

  All the tailored support and training is created and delivered to maximise the benefit and impact to your organisation and ensure a return on your investment 

For more information or for a free initial consultation - email Sarah or call      07745 351262

(There will be no pressure to commit - it's important to build trust, rapport and ensure we are right for each other!)


Live Well can support you to develop a holistic, graduated approach to Mental Health and Well-being within your organisation 


 This may include:


   -     Auditing your current practice - includes a pre-review call, review day(s) working with you in your organisation to identify

        your current strengths and recommendations which is followed by a comprehension report

   -    Developing a Whole Organisation Strategy - building on current practice and recommendations, to develop an approach

        which embeds sustainable and authentic well-being. This includes the Policy development and practices to embed a

        graduated approach which support recruitment, retention, attendance, and engagement

   -    Leadership Development - focusing on the well-being and resilience of Leaders, alongside the development of skills,

        understanding and mindset to enable Leaders to support and develop people in their team

   -     Mental Health First Aid training / Mental Health Champion / Mental Health Awareness     - see separate page on website

   -     Tailored training and support    )

   -     Coaching                               )      See below

"The impact of this programme has been immense for us. It has meant that staff well-being has been at the heart of everything we have do this year. It has upskilled leaders and other members of staff to continue the work next year. It will leave a lasting legacy."


Bespoke training, support and workshops may include:       

.       Mental Health First Aid training / Champion Training (see individual page on website)

.       Mental Health Awareness

·       Workplace Well-Being

·       Stress Management 

·       Emotional Resilience 

·       Life Balance

·       Positive Workplace Culture

·       A Healthy Mindset

·       Preparing for Change 

·       Leadership Well-being / Mindful Leadership

·       Leaders and Managers Development: Creating the Culture 

·       Team Culture, Resilience and Development

·       Health (Men's / Women's)

·       Sleep

·       Menopause

·       Mindfulness

Individual sessions, a series of sessions or rolling repeated sessions are available to allow all staff to attend


"Since starting the training, staff absences for mental health issues have reduced and there is a much more postive atmosphere within the organisation from staff"


Investing time and resources into coaching or supervision is a real investment in you, your well-being and developemnt which in turn benefits your business and team. 

When we are well, we are more resilient, energised, function more effectively, make better informed decision, and have clarity and purpose. 

Coaching and supervision give leaders and staff the team and space to take a pause, to reflect on and question their current situations, priorities, or challenges to gain clarity. 


Coaching is a highly valuable and powerful resources to support and develop individuals or teams by - 

 - providing a safe space to talk about issues and developmental areas in a confidential environment

 - enabling you to recognise and develop personal strategies, identify goals and actions to achieve these

 - challenging you to support your development as well as well as recognising and maximising your strengths

 - increasing your confidence, ability to manage others and handle difficult situations or conversations

 - building team collaboration and co-creation of ideas

One-to-one coaching: an initial meeting / call to establish rapport and the focus of the coaching programme. The programme is often between 4-6 sessions and each are usually around one hour in length

Team coaching: as above but usually the sessions are longer - each around two hours in length


Supervision provides a framework for discussing challenging situations, for process and reflection, giving time to consider and explore different options available.

 - It provides a safe space to question, challenge and affirm; it is restorative both professionally and personally

 - It supports the development of knowledge, competence and confidence in everyday practice or in challenging


One-to-one supervision: usually one-hour sessions monthly - sessions are on-going 

"The way the coaching was delivered put the onus on me (without me being aware it was) to be reflective and talk through situations. I now feel more in control and more confident in articulating myself so I can give constructive direction and feedback to people. This has has a notable positive impact on my well-being because I now feel more confident in my own abilities to direct and lead other around me."


Individual one-to-one therapies are also available for members of staff experiencing specific issues, including stress, anxiety, depression, phobias, fears, raising confidence and self-esteem, public speaking and presenting


Based on the skillset, experience and credibility of having worked and led in organisations for a number of years, Sarah delivers training and support with enthusiasm, energy and passion, which is personalised and interactive, with the aim of high engagement and thinking. 


Balancing practical activities, discussion and reflection times which enable participants to extend their understanding of their own well-being and empower them to build new and increased insights and perspectives, and gain practical tools and techniques.


Sarah is a true believer of active learning, to open dialogues, inform, encourage collaboration and co-creation of ideas to facilitate change, and nurture healthy cultures. 

Emphasis is always on making a sustainable and lasting difference.

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