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Welcome to Live Well Consultancy.

My name is Sarah Wray and I am Live Well Owner and Managing Director.

My passion is mental health and well-being. 

At Live Well Consultancy we specialise in helping people – whether within schools, businesses and organisations or individuals – to enhance their own well-being; to thrive not just survive! 

We offer tailored evidence-based well-being support,

training and programmes bespoke to your organisation,

and accredited, award-winning Mental Health training 

(licensed by MHFA England)

What we know...

Every one of us has mental and physical health; they are interconnected and influence our well-being.

Well-being affects every part of our lives, including our work or education.

Our physical and mental states (body and mind) impact on the way we experience the world and how we live; how we feel and function personally, socially and professionally.

We will all see times when our well-being is flourishing and then times when it may decline, some of us will experience ill health.



According to statistical evidence

- 1 in 4 of us will experience mental health issues every year 

- Half of mental ill health starts by age 15 and 75% develops by age 18

- An estimated 17 million days were lost in 2021/22 due to work-related stress, depression and anxiety

At Live Well Consultancy, we believe that by proactively looking after our own and each other's well-being, we can make a real difference! 

Prioritising and investing in quality well-being and mental health support will:

- most importantly, support and benefit the holistic health of every member of your organisation 

- ensure your team feel supported, valued, heard and invested in

- empower your team to look after their own well-being and others, developing healthier coping strategies

- improve engagement, commitment and outcomes

- reduce absence and presenteeism and support retention and recruitment (established high-quality, stable teams drive improvement)

In Trusts and Schools, we can support the whole community - staff, children / young people, parents & families, governors


We will listen to you and work together to co-create authentic and sustainable well-being for your organisation and all individuals!


 --  we will work together... discussing, listening, consulting - we will get to know your organisation and team, your priorities, strengths and challenges to collaboratively decide on the tailored support for you

  --  using the latest research and evidence, we will create this bespoke programme for you to build authentic, embedded well-being that is the

     'golden thread' that makes a sustainable and lasting difference!


                We know a 'one-size fits all, tick-box activity' does not make this difference - our feedback shows we do make that difference!

For more information or for a free initial consultation - email Sarah or call      07745 351262

(There will be no pressure to commit - it's important to build trust, rapport and ensure we are right for each other!)


Sarah Wray 

My passion is people and our mental health and well-being. I established Live Well Consulltancy in 2019 after working for many years as a teacher and headteacher.


My Why?

Having had my own lived experience of mental ill health and seeing close family experience this too, my journey began into learning more about mental health, well-being and resilience. (During my teaching career, I saw so many children and their family members experiencing mental ill health, and couldn't always access the appropriate, timely support for them!)


I am an eternal student and avidly read books and research, and the more I learn, the more I believe that we need to proactively build organisation and individual well-being practice. We won't end mental ill health, just as we won't end physical ill health, but by educating ourselves, by opening conversations, by eliminating stigma and prejudice, we can learn the most effective ways to keep ourselves well and seek early support if a need occurs.


My What?

As a Mental Health First Aid Instructor for MHFA England, I deliver accredited Adult and Youth / Children courses as well as mental health awareness courses. 

Most recently I have delivered two Department for Education / Opportunity Area programmes. In Doncaster, we worked with 69 schools over the two-year Staff Well-being and Retention programme providing bespoke programmes supporting over 2600 staff. As Project-lead in Bradford, we delivered two years of Enhanced SEMH programmes to schools, supporting children, families and staff. (See 'Education' page for more information)

Working as an Associate Coach for a nationwide healthcare provider, I have experience working with large and small businesses and organisations delivering MHFA courses, coaching, and well-being workshops as well as developing whole organisation strategies. 

My How?

To all my work, I bring my passion and care, my experience as a teacher and leader, and my training (including MHFA Instructor, Leadership Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist with Anxiety Specialist, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner and Trainer, Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher, Reiki Practitioner), true authenticity, and humour.

I endeavour to always create a safe space for everyone to be heard and valued, where we value diversity and take from the support and training what we need to develop as individuals and organisations. 


Live Well works with schools, colleges, businesses and organisations to train and support people to look after theirs and others mental health and well-being.

We create bespoke programmes using research and evidence, and deliver accredited MHFA courses. 

Keynote Speaker

Sarah’s passion is mental and emotional well-being; to help people to thrive not just survive!

Sarah speaks with enthusiasm, energy and passion with the aim of high engagement and thinking. She blends the delivery of knowledge, current research and thinking with personal insight, real-life experience and humour.

Sharing her own story, Sarah demonstrates the difference we can make to our lives through increased self-awareness, liberating ourselves from limiting beliefs and habits, and proactively looking after our well-being. She inspires and empowers people to reflect and build new and increased insights and perspectives, and develop the power of positive mindset and resilience.  


Having worked and led in schools for twenty years, Sarah brings her experience of developing both staff and children’s well-being as a priority alongside her own journey into holistic health and well-being as a way of looking after her

own mental health and that of her family.

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