Delivering inspirational INSET training, workshops, courses and bespoke support

to develop a whole school approach to Positive Well-Being

focusing on resilience, mental health, mindset and mindfulness

for staff and children

Mental Health First Aider (MHFA England) Adult Two-day Training 

This accredited Mental Health First Aider online course is a blend of four live tutor-led sessions and  independent learning  all completed over two days.  Together we will develop our understanding of mental health, focusing on the signs and symptoms of mental ill health, and  effective ways to support people as a First Aider. We will also look at the stigma surrounding mental ill health and the importance of the language we use . For more information please contact 


Sarah combines a background of teaching and leading in schools for eighteen years

 (as a primary school teacher, ten of those as a senior leader and then headship)

with the experience and qualifications as a Well-being Specialist


Sarah offers credibility in having ‘walked the walk’, 

having a deep knowledge, understanding and experience 

of the challenges of teaching and leadership 

which build authenticity and trust in the support she offers 



Creating a whole school approach and ethos that promotes mental health, wellbeing and 

resilience is inherently valuable; it improves lives.


From a staff perspective - it supports the recruitment and retention of a high-quality team, 

empowering staff to look after themselves and others more, handle stress more effectively, 

build their resilience, positive thinking and strategies,

which in turn build team resilience, culture and capacity to meet 

the needs of the children and improve school performance as a whole



For children / young people -  it lowers pupil absenteeism and exclusions;

builds self-awareness, resilience, character, and an understanding of their own well-being;

supports positive behaviour and embeds values such as compassion and empathy

develops life skills to enable them to self-regulate, make considered informed choices,

and to build and maintain healthy relationships;

increases cognitive focus, concentration and capacity for learning.



Bespoke Support – all tailored to the exact needs and priorities of the individual school, group of schools, academy trust or Local Authority.


staff meetings  -  inset days  -  courses  -  on-going support

Working with….


             Headteachers / Senior Leadership Teams

        Well-being Leads / Teams

        Whole staff



        Children / Young People


Education Conference Speaker - delivering speeches, keynotes and workshops


Staff Well-Being: Building the Personalised Toolkit
Well-Being for Children: A Proactive Approach for All Children
Developing a Mindful School
Knowing Me: An eight-week Well-Being Programme for Children 


Developing a Mentally Health School: A Whole School Approach 

Well-Being for Children: A Whole School Approach  

Leading Staff Well-Being in Schools 

Leadership Well-Being and Resilience 

Developing the Role of Mental Health Lead in Schools

Early Career Teachers and Trainee Teacher Well-Being and Resilience 

Implementing the Relationships Education and Health Education (RSE)

Mental Health Awareness

Emotional Freedom Technique



staff meetings – twilights - inset days - tailored to the school


Mental Health Awareness 

Staff Well-being 

Stress Management

Building Resilience

Life Balance

A Healthy Mindset

Preparing for Change

Positive Workplace Culture

Leadership Well-being / Mindful Leadership

Health / Sleep / Menopause



Developing a Holistic Whole School Approach to Mental Health, Wellbeing and Resilience       Developing Policy, Action Planning and Practice, Monitoring Outcomes

The Role of Mental Health / Well-being Leads 

Well-being and Resilience: 



                               Early Career Teachers and Teacher Trainees

Team Culture, Resilience and Development

Mental Health Awareness

Mindfulness for Staff / Leaders

Well-being and Resilience across the Curriculum

Developing the Well-being of Children in Schools (Character, Resilience, Mindset,             

        Behaviour, Values, Attitudes, Mental Health)

Mindfulness for Children and Young People

Well-being Strategies for Children and Young People

RSE and Health Education Implementation 

Governor Training

Parent Workshops 


‘Paws b’ is a classroom-based mindfulness curriculum for children aged 7-11.

 “we can be more resistant to stress, more resilient, if we build up our resources and enhance our physical and psychological well-being in general”

 John Kabat-Zinn 


Training and support are always delivered with enthusiasm, energy and passion, and are personalised and interactive, with the aim of high engagement and thinking.


Balancing practical activities, discussion and reflection times which enable participants to extend their understanding of their own well-being and empower them to build new and increased insights and perspectives, and gain practical tools and techniques.


Sarah is a true believer of active learning, with collaboration and co-creation of ideas to facilitate change, and to nurture the team and whole staff culture and capacity.

Emphasis is always on making a sustainable and lasting difference.



“Thank you for the invaluable insight to the world of mental health and policy implementation in schools” 


Deputy Headteacher - Secondary Academy

“The training helped staff to recognise their own stress levels and provided workable solutions for helping them maintain good mental health”


Headteacher - Primary School

“All very informative; fast-paced”

“It was very useful in providing the components required for a well-being curriculum”

“really useful strategies that we will use in school”

Other schools